天津自由印象文化传播有限公司成立于2009年,专业从事动画制作、广告以及VR虚拟影像制作等,是商业服务于一体的文化传播机构。拥有最专业、敬业的精英团队 来为客户打造最满意最完美最有创意的作品 我们的团队人员均来自美术学院受到过最专业的美术教育创意跟审美一直都是我们的强项 。细节决定成败从最初的舞文弄墨到最后的成品,每个环节我们都严格要求精益求精,并且勇于创新与研发我们一直在探索新技术在业界一直处于领先地位8年来我们始终坚持“诚信、务实、创新、超越”的核心价值观。完成了 许多优秀作品 今后我们将更加努力。

TianjinLIBERAL MEDIACulture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It specializes in animation production, advertising and VR virtual image production. It is a cultural communication agency of business service. We have the most professional,professional and elite team to create the most satisfactory, perfect and creative work for our customers. Our team from the Academy of Fine Arts has been the most professional art education creative and aesthetic. The details decide success or failure from the original dance language to the final product. We are strictly demanding every link, and we are brave in innovation and research and development. We have been exploring new technology in the industry for 8 years. We have always insisted on the core values of "honesty, pragmatism, innovation and Transcendence". Many outstanding works have been completed, and we will work harder in the future.